Posted by: Fred Soelter | December 2, 2010

Soelter+Associates: Marina Clean Up Campaign Published

This is the actual press release about just one of the programs that came out of the Business Plan + Market Analysis that we that we prepared for S&K Dive. It was picked up, verbatim in some cases,  by 3 local papers and the L.A. Times.

We are in the final process of creating a partnership between S&K Dive and The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation with Heal The Bay to sponsor an annual Diver’s Cleanup of the Venice Pier, in conjunction with the yearly Coastal Cleanup.   This has never been done before and it should bring up some very interesting items. Please stay tuned for an update of that event next year.


S &K Dive Cleans the Marina, Top and Bottom

 It’s that time of year again, with the winter storms and Santa Ana winds approaching, bringing with them all the storm drain debris that gets washed into Marina del Rey from Ballona Creek. Last year, S&K Dive Service provided a free cleanup of F and G basin throughout the winter on a biweekly basis. This year, in order to be more effective, S&K will have an emergency response team of divers in dinghy’s removing the trash after every storm event.

Anyone who has walked around the marina after a storm or after the Santa Ana winds has noticed the abundance of garbage that accumulates on the leeward side of the marina, closest to Lincoln Blvd. This is the storm runoff coming from Ballona Creek. For years this garbage has simply washed back out to sea as the tides change, presumably to join the other trash in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” In an effort to stem the amount of garbage that ends up floating out of the marina and to help keep the oceans blue, S & K Dive Service will continue to provide this annual pro bono public service to clean the marina waters.

The Coastal Cleanups and Kayak Cleanups are great traditions that make an enormous impact on the amount of garbage on our beaches and in our oceans. But with the amount of trash that comes down Ballona Creek from across the Los Angeles basin, these yearly efforts only make a dent in the problem. There still continues to be floating garbage that accumulates in the marina throughout the year, and particularly when there is a storm. S & K Dive has been servicing boats since 1974, with divers continually in the water, and has seen the problem grow. The winter is particularly bad, when the rains and winds make the amount of garbage ending up in the water the greatest. According to S & K Dive’s Paul Skipper, “We want to help keep the water clean, because we’re diving in it every day.”

Starting in November and continuing into the New Year, S & K will be sending crews to remove the surface garbage that is floating in the marina. This will be in addition to the current efforts by the County and will be done as a free service to enhance the public’s enjoyment of the marina. Look for the crews after a storm when the cleanup is in progress and give the divers a big “Thank You!” And you can always stop by S & K Dive for your free water bottle to reduce plastic waste. So when you drop your keys in the water, or need a diver in a hurry, call S & K Dive.

 For more information, please contact Paul Skipper at (310) 822-8349


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