Posted by: Fred Soelter | February 3, 2010

Employee Motivation

Motivating employees, in this and normal economic times, is always a challenging effort. Most people do not work for money. That’s right, most people do not work for money. Their primary motivation is personal recognition and fulfillment.
How many times have you been at a retail outlet and the cashier was happy, understanding and helpful? Seriously, all kidding aside, most of them are very helpful, and their motivation is obviously not money…
So how do you achieve this state of nirvana with your direct reports? Sometimes you can’t! My experience with hiring has taught me to hire for attitude, not experience. If you have the right attitude, I can teach you anything. If you don’t, nothing is going to do the trick. But you must also lead by example by being enthusiastic and accessible. You are the role model.
So my advice is: Hire the right people, give them the right training and atmosphere to thrive, and they will, as long as they feel they are part of the team!
Good luck!
(The ones who don’t want to contribute and succeed can be a real cancer in the organization. They must be removed before their malaise spreads to other employees.)



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